Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn and Salvia

Pokemon Pornography Story: Dawn and Salvia

One day Dawn wake up at 6:28 to go pee in the wood. Then she saw Salvia Dawn ask Salvia what was she doing out in the wood Salvia said she need did a break from being a princess. Salvia ask dawn to switch place for a day so they did.Then when Ass walk up he saw Dawn was awake to but it was relly Salvia so walk to her and touch her pussy.He pull down her skirt and panti.She did not know what he was doing but she think she like it.Ass start liking her pusssy and then they went in Dawn tents to fuck they fuck for 13 hour then when Dawn got back she saw them having sex she was not happy so she walk in and tell Ass that he is fucking the princess.But he did not care Salvia like doing too.Ass ask Dawn to join she did.To day is Ass best day because he get to fuck two hot girl instead of one. THE END
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