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Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn’s Slutty Escapade

Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn’s Slutty Escapade

Chapter 1

“No, Markus, shut up,” Dawn told her talkative, blond-haired friend. She wore a blue and purple dress that ended halfway down her thigh and purple knee-high boots with blue socks as they walked along Lake Verity.

“What?” he asked, doing a double-take, looking at his companion with surprise.

“I don’t want to look for some red Pokemon that won’t be here.” She walked toward him. “I brought you here so we can have some fun.” She pushed him onto the ground. “And intend to have it.” She dropped onto her knees next to him, unzipping his jeans and taking his hardening dick into her hand. “Don’t you want that, too?”

“Oh, definitely!” Markus said as Dawn leaned over it, licking his head softly as her hand pumped up and down with a painfully slow rhythm. She sped up as she sunk her head deeper, taking in more and more of his young cock. Continue reading

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