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Pokemon Porn Story: A New Enemy

Pokemon Porn Story: A New Enemy

“So this is a digimon?” Professor oak looked over Gatomon curiously. Ash had brought this Gatomon to him recently, before heading to his parents’ house.

Gatomon grumbled throughout the treatments. She had been poked, prodded, examined, and experimented on for the better portion of a day. But Ash figured Professor Oak might be able to help them get back to their world, so she grudgingly went along. “Yes I am. And please…ask me the questions.” Gatomon could not stand it that all questions about her went to her ‘trainer’ Kari.

“So what have you discovered?” Kari asked across from the table Gatomon was lying on. Kari had been in this world for months.

“Well to be perfectly frank…” Professor Oak went on. “Shes a pokemon.”
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