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Pokemon Porno Story: Blitz and Vee

Pokemon Porno Story: Blitz and Vee

Blitz and Vee

Blitz is a young vulpix with rust colored fur and six tails. He loves to run and move fast in general. He is usually the first one to pick a fight and the last one to give up. He has always been friends with Vee and he always protects him from danger.

Vee is a young eevee a little younger then Blitz. He has brown and white fur and extremely curious about everything around him. His curiosity has gotten him in trouble, but Blitz is always there to protect him and care for him. Lately Vee has been having strange feeling around Blitz, not bad feelings, but strange ones.

“Hurry up, I can’t wait” Blitz tells Vee as he runs to catch up to him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know I can hardly wait” Vee says as they run through a forest looking for their secret bush.

“Found it” Blitz says stopping in front of a bush and pushing through it followed by Vee. As soon as Vee enters the large hollow area in the bush, Blitz jumps on him and kisses him. They roll around until they have to pull apart to breath and smiling “ready” Vee asks.

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