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Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn’s Slutty Escapade Ch.3

Pokemon Porn Story: Dawn’s Slutty Escapade Ch.3

Chapter 4: Hittin’ the Streets of Jubilife

“That was incredible,” Dawn sighed, meeting Tina’s tongue with her own. She lay on the older girl, their hands slowly treating the other’s pussy. Through the window of their room in the Pokemon center, the sun began to creep, casting rays of light on their young, enticing forms.

“Definitely. That was the best night of my life,” Tina said, breaking her kiss with Dawn and continuing it with each word.

They arrived at the Pokemon center early the previous evening, splitting the cost for a private room with a queen-sized bed (only the large, multi-bunk rooms were free). The moment they hit the room, they dropped their stuff and continued from where they left off in the trainer school. They fell asleep quite early in the night, the dildo buried in both their snatches, only to continue when they rose early in the morning. Continue reading

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