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Pokemon Porno Story: May meets dragon III (Part one)

Pokemon Porno Story: May meets dragon III (Part one)

May Meets Dragon III

(Part I:When Nature Calls)


The air is crisp at her altitude. A chill creeps down her spine as the mist of mountain water sprays icily upon her skin. Her hair falls damp to her back clinging to her neck stiffly swaying as she ascends.

Breathing in deeply she leaps to clutch the next makeshift handhold. She slips and bangs her knees into the sharp surface stubbing her toes causing instant tears to blind her. Fighting the scrapes and pains whimpering she gazes upwards to her ultimate goal. The cave was close to her now. Shelter only feet away barely away from her grasp.

Rejuvenated she rose her foot up to the next swamped foothole immeadiately she knew something was wrong. The crevice sank quickly the small piece of mountain rock giving way causing her to whip her heel into the neighboring waterfall. Such force viciously gripped her threatening to send her barreling off the mountain side. With a scream and all the power she could muster she wrenched herself back to the deadly climb. Gasping at the humid air she felt as though she were drowning already in the path of the storm which had decided it would sleep no longer. A gut wrenching clap of thunder rattled the little hero. An unknown presence beckoned her to look down to witness bolt of lightening descended upon a tree that was resting upon the base of the mountain. Fire immediately began to desolate the old oak quickly burning the dried branches. Looking down in horror the rain was building up. The light rain drizzled faster; stabbing at her with needle like size and velocity. Passion blazed inside of her she would not fall victim to this storm that pokemon or this mountain! She sped up ascending so quickly the feet fell by less than minutes until…

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