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Pokemon Porn Story: horny dawn

Pokemon Porn Story: horny dawn

Ash wanted to fuck Dawn like there was no tomorrow.

Dawn- Ash could u follow me into forest for a moment.

Ash- Uh sure.

When they were a good few miles in the forest Dawn stopped.

Ash- Dawn what are u doing.

Dawn- Ive seen u eyeing my figure and i thought u might want to fuck me.

Ash was dumbfounded by this but when Dawn started taking her clothes off he knew she was serious.

Ash- Ive been wanting to fuck u for sooooooo long.

Dawn- Well now’s ur chance.

Ash didnt waste any time started to ram his dick into her pussy and Dawn moaned with pleasure.

Ash- God ur pussy is so hot.

Dawn- Gawd Ash fuck me harder Yes YESSSSSS!

At that moment Dawn and Ash became lovers.

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