Pokemon Pornography Story: May meets the dragon total

Pokemon Pornography Story: May meets the dragon total

may meets dragon full

the weather outside was cold, no ash, no brock in sight, climbing up the waterfall had taken all her strength, she needed a place to rest. The cave seemed simple enough. She’d been lost for three days. the cave was the only place still dry. But as she walked in, the mighty dragon layed, and this was no cave it was a den




The dragonite lay sleeping on all fours, double the size of any man may had ever laid eyes on.  Frightened she began to tremble, accidently tripping over its magnificent tail. Waking in a mighty roar the beast stared unblinkingly to her eyes.  The eyes were sapphire blue, may had expected anger or fierceness, but in these eyes she saw comfort and beauty.  The dragon blinked and no one moved, it seemed as transfixed by May as she was of it.  Suddenly it whipped around, so fast may was knocked back as a tail whipped her into a wall, stars in her eyes she gazed around.  Standing to its full height was dragonite, its back to her, and growling towards the entrance of the waterfall den. In stepped in the bloody gengar that had separated her from her friends in the first place! Royally pissed May shouted, “Get the hell away from me you big bully! I don’t want you here! What have you done with my friends!” Gengar turned glance from the mighty dragon to May, deciding on the best course of action, but before it could strike, dragonite blast it to space with a mighty roar of fire! Clearly pleased it marched over to May and sat down next to her.  Not knowing what to do or say, she simply said her thanks. Dragonite merely shook its head and made a face to contort a silly grin, which made May giggle.  She’d found a friend that could maybe help her out, she felt impolite to ask, but the sun was getting low and she needed to find everyone.  So she leaned over and told her story, about team rocket dropping them all in another stupid hole, running right into gengar that teleported them all in different places, how she got stuck at the foot of the waterfall and climbed to the top to get a good look outside, but when the storm outside got to bad she came in his den and here she sat.  When she’d finished dragonite looked into her eyes, they were full of knowledge, clever, powerful creature here sat and pointed out to the rising moon and shook its great head.  May understanding, he did not want to search in the dark, but not a rejection for in the morning he would help.  Eyes tearing in gratitude, May hugged the dragon’s neck saying “thank YOU!!” over and over. The dragon made that goofy grin, and then May felt something she had not noticed before.  The large member of the dragonite lay right next to her leg, she had accidently straddles him, in her moment of thankfulness. Both he and she looked at each other clearly embarrassed, she immediately jumped off. Dragonite showed her a little pile of hay that she could sleep on till morning, and she gladly accepted it, better than a cold stone floor.




Night came in to pitch darkness in the cave like den.  May found herself untamably thinking about the feeling to that dragons member. It had to have been six inches, and he wasn’t even hard!! Now now May he’s a pokemon…but it felt good…maybe..one more peek couldn’t hurt. She peered over at the sleeping beauty lieing flat on his back, legs spread wide open. Its to perfect!! I have to! Creeping over to him, she nudged him gently in the side to see if he would wake, simply snoring was all was answered. Yes! Stepping over the monster tail and between his legs she gasped at the sight! More beautiful than any art! It was jet black, shadowed against his bright body, laying limply to the right. God I was wrong, 7-8inches….not even hard and his balls…they’re the size of my fist!! “I wonder what it tastes like” she whispered in the dark. Grabbing ahold of the base of then shaft, she stuck the 2in thick tip in her mouth. The smell intoxicating her, a musky sweetness as honey mixed with the sea filled her nostrils. She sucked harder feeling the member begin to pulse and harden, a distant grunt filled the silent sucking in the darkness. Dragonite woke up, no thrashing, no roaring, simply staring curiously at May. She pulled her mouth deeper, down farther on the thick shaft till she could feel it in her throat, pulsing, and shooting hot sweet pre into her.  A murmur of pleasure escaped the dragons lips, and he threw his head back and began to buck his hips. May opened her mouth and allowed the dragon to do her throat and mouth, 4inches in…6inches…7….she could no longer breathe but the taste was incredible!! So sweet! So delicious! Then Dragonite let out a roar to shake the foundation, and cum sprayed as a hose down he throat. “More!” she desired aloud. Dragonite made a swift movement and knocked may to her back playfully growling as he landed on top of her. Keeping himself up mostly with his arms, he used his tail to shred may’s coat, completely revealing her top budding breasts. May was hot with lust, doing her best to mimic the playful and sensual growls of dragonite. Moving his large head downward dragonite began to taste at Mays nipples, causing a storm of moans to burst through her lips. Eager to please dragonite proceeded, slow, then fast, then hard and seemed to learn to suck on them, before may grabbed his head and pulled his eyes to hers.  They were begging to be nailed, and under him she postioned on her knees and elbows.


Using that mighty tail of his, dragonite lashed out and ripped than panties that were covering May. Taking a moment to take in the scent of her, he caressed her nether lips with a gentle yet playful kiss, moans breaking the wet sound from may. Placing both paws on her hips as if to straddle another dragon, he pressed his shaft at her enterance.  One push….may howls underneath the great beast…her hymen is busted….may is no longer a virgin…at leas to a dragon…second push….three inches…may screams in painful ectasy…dragonite panked and looks to her for guidance but she just kisses him on the side of his gently face and he proceeds….third push….5inches…more pleasure than pain….she begins to moan…fourth…7inches….he’s arrived at mays cervix…he pulls out everything but the tip, moans every second from both….5th….6th…..7th…..he breaks past the cervix….May doesn’t even notice….He’s so big….so good…god fuck me dragonite…harder…OH YES…..he’s going hard….fast….8…9..10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17-8,19,20-23,24-28……29! May Screams as her vaginal walls close around dragonites cock, juices flying, he slams into her, releasing cum so hard into her womb he claws her back to hold to her.


flow after flow, wave after wave of emotion and love sways over the air of the two.



Slowly he limps up…pulling out sensitively…he falls on his back. May rolls over, cum still seeping from her…curls up next to dragonite…and then she hears a shocking sound, “My name is Romulus, please to meet you May”




The dragonite could talk!!

Romulus stared at may with those curious eyes again, the shock clearly reigning from her features. May felt used in a way, All this time he could talk….all LAST NIGHT he could talk…what the hell? Not exactly angry, rather perplexed, she stares back into those blue eyes now losing curiousness in place of fear.  Dragonite, Romulus, started quickly. “I really must apologize, you see to speak with a human a connection of love must be made, as trainer to master or to lover, but no such thing has ever occurred but I didn’t know how to explain before….Please you must understand!” He seemed to be pleading with may, as if she would think less of him, she just stared blankly thinking how obscured he was! “Romulus! Calm down!” leaning over she began to massage his tough shoulders, seeming to relax, the knots began to calm. He sighed, “I didn’t want to upset you, I didn’t think we would get to that level to be honest” A stream of giggles erupted from may, the heat rushing to her cheeks. Slowly however the realization began to set in one, she was naked, the dragonite spoke with his mouth not MOVING!. Seeming to know her concerns “May, communication cannot be held in my language to yours, in this way we may speak, however, the connection tends to slide during such occasions as distance and intimacy, so is said at least.” May stopped massaging his shoulders and walked back to the front of this magnificent mystic pokemon, awestruck as everything hit her at once, her first time was with a huge dragon, her first love is with a huge dragon, the first time she’s been naked infront of a male is before a dragon…woah. Again Romulus seemed to know her feelings and asked about last night.  She merely nodded, and said her part in the matter, and about how it was her first time, she wouldn’t trade it for the world (a tinge of red appearing on his cheeks), and how she didn’t want to go back to her friends quite yet, with a wink.  Then she asked, “was that your first time?” and to her dismay, he looked down and shook his head. “with a human?!” He looked up now and deep into her eyes, honestly and truth Yes dear May it was my first time with a human. Sweet joy and happiness flooded through her, along with strange sense of pride. However I was once in love with another dragonite, she died many years ago, incapable of bearing a child, she grew depressed. Refusing to eat always angry and upset, then one day I rolled over to her cold….. he stopped.  May grabbed him, those sapphire eyes filled with tears, and kissed him gently on his muzzle. Strange how he had lips as many mystics do, his seemed more human. Accidently may had kissed ash, Romulus seemed to have the talent that ash lacked.




Suddenly may felt a warm paw seize her buttocks lifting her into the air, romuluses toungue began to move into her mouth exploring. May found the adventure exciting, arousing her senses with his touch and my god the honey and sea smell came, pushing the little hero over the edge.  Wrapping her legs around his great hips, she felt his member poking her hot lips, gently prodding playfully.  Romulus pulled away from may lips, and began to kiss and tongue her neck, reaching her ear, she bucked down without thinking, feeling the head slip quickly into her lips. Although she felt to naughty for that, may reached down to the thick member and repossesioned it, feeling it press now againt her tight ass.  Romulus looked at her seeming his cute curious face again. May just wrapped her arms tightly around him and pushed downwards with her hips feeling the first two inches slide into her tight anal hole. He let out a growl into mays ear, clearly enjoying the moment, the uncomfortable but unavoidably pain rolled through her.  2 slow pushes and she began to relax, 2 more inches, pleasure rocks may’s system, moans leaking out from her lips. Another inch and the mighty dragonite pushed her up against the high cave wall, oh so rough, fuck my tight little ass, more yes more! 2 more inches dragonites almost fully in, she doesn’t know how much more she can take until, SLAM he pounds her ass with all he’s got! Tears in mays eyes, the pain and pleasure sink in to an ultimate arousal, she feels herself cum all over his waist. Mad with lust, dragonite begins to buck wildly, cuming over and over, may yells and moans in ecstasy, occasionally biting romulus playfully, Harder!! Harder! Hell yes!! 31-34, 35, 36, 37-43 oh my god I cant stop cumming!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR HARD DRAGON DICK!! 45, 46….47….48….49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54-55-56-57 OMG! Dragonite releases an almighty roar, may feels the seed fill her, pouring out of her ass as a never ending sequence of wave after wave of it sprayed into her. Till after minutes of pulsing his hot semen into may, exhausted, his muscles ripple and he calapses, may ontop of him. Dozing off into sleep, may quickly following in the arms of her angel.








The next couple of days, followed in as much love making as could possibly be held in time. Till sadly may had to leave, her destiny lay with her friends and there adventure. Her little brother needed someone to take care of him, thus Romulus agreed to “acquire” clothes for May from a town not-to far out, and soon she had to say her goodbyes and in tears and sadness depart from her beloved dragonite…for now…




“May stop eating all our food! We have to pay for everything you eat you know!”




“I know guys but im just soooo goddamn hungry all the freakin time!”




“Yeah May seriously you need to cut back, your belly is started to get all poochy…”

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