Pokemon Pornography Story: Pokemon Lust

Pokemon Pornography Story: Pokemon Lust

Misty spoke, “I love you ash,” Ash’s smiling face didn’t move. “Ash,
did you hear me?” she asked, “I said I love you.” She leaned forward
and kissed Ash’s picture, then sighed heavily. What was wrong with her,
this kid had destroyed her bike, and dragged her and her pokemon into
danger more times than she could count, and yet… There was something
about him that excited her, something that made her long to have him
for herself. She laid in her sleeping bag with her pillow over her
head staring at her picture of Ash, she sighed again, kissed it, hid
the picture in her pocket, and went to sleep.

Sleep brought no relief for Misty, her dreams were filled with
images of Ash that would come almost close enough for her to touch,
then float away. She grumbled in her sleep and woke up just as another
Ash got away. Sighing (as usual) she pulled out her picture and stared
at it for a few moments, then looked a few feet away where Ash slept on
his back hoping that somehow the kid would know how she felt. She felt
sudden wetness between her legs and realized that her little Ash
fantasies had left her aroused she blushed to herself and thought of
what Ash could do for her. She smiled and let her thoughts of Ash
comfort her, she reached between her legs and undid the fly to her cut
off jeans, then reached inside and rubbed up and down the lips of her
virgin slit. Then she had a thought… from her time spent with Ash,
she knew him to be a heavy sleeper. She grinned mischieviously and
slowly crept to Ash’s sleeping bag, silently thanking the good spirits
for the hot weather, the zipper on Ash’s sleeping bag was open. She
crawled to his side, and slowly drew the sleeping bag up, seeing his
cute little boxers with the pink hearts on them. She carefully reached
out and traced a line with a finger over his pubic area lingering in
the middle were his limp manhood made a small bulge. His breathing
didn’t change, so she grew more daring, undoing the fly of his boxers,
she reached inside and caressed his cock, hands shaking with the
excitement of what she was doing. Under her new treatment, his little
toy hardened and grew to an impressive size, she always knew he would
be big. Running her hand to the top of his shaft she rubbed the head
and began to jerk him off slowly, gently. A small moan issued from
Ash’s lips but she paid no heed, she crept further under the sleeping
bag and kissed the head of his pretty prick, then engulfed it in her
mouth. Sucking him off brought her such excitement her juices began
to flow freely, she put her other hand in her aching slit and rubbed
up and down to ease her tension. Ash’s cock jumped in her mouth and
exploded in an orgasm, his hot, sweet semen ran down her throat,
greedily she licked up every drop, making sure he was completely clean.
Then she heard a yawn and a surprised cry, “M-M-Misty?” Ash said.

Misty’s cheeks reddened and she came out from under the sleeping
bag, she looked at the boy she loved with no explaination for what she
had done. Then she grinned at Ash and said, “did you enjoy that Ash?
Would you like more?” Ash was completely caught off guard by this and
only nodded, Misty climbed into the sleeping bag with him, grabbing his
still hard dick. “What do you want Ash?” she asked coyly. “I want you
Misty, you,” this answer brought joy to Misty’s heart and a tear to her
eye, she rubbed Ash’s cock across the opening to her slit and then
plunged down on him, softly crying out as the action broke her hymen.
Ash moaned and pulled Misty down, he began kissing her passionately,
his tounge probing her mouth. Misty returned the favor and then began
sliding up and down on his rock hard shaft, murmering small words of
love and devotion to him. Ash’s cock swelled inside her and he let
out the words, “I love you Misty.” Misty managed to say before their
orgasms took them, “I love you too Ash.”

In the morning the two woke in each other’s arms, they began
kissing and saying “I love you” untill they heard a small voice
sleepily questioning them, “Pi pika chu pika?” Ash and Misty both
looked over at Pikachu staring at them, then they smiled, “Pikachu…”
then said at the same time bursting out laughing. Ash spoke up, “Misty
and I love each other pikachu.” Misty chimed in “that’s right.”
Pikachu looked at them funny then went to find something to have for
breakfast, Misty and Ash busted up laughing again and went back to

The End

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